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Mobile workforce & Cloud based apps - Ensuring efficiency


Cloud based applications and solutions have made the life easier for corporations to enable mobile workforce. Here are a few points to ponder while mobilizing the workforce with the help of mobilecloud-based applications.

[1] Network latency is still a challenge in many parts of the country. 3G services offering high speed internet are prevalent in metros and large cities. But, required telecom infrastructure is being developed in small towns and villages. So, it is better to limit the workforce mobility to major cities and towns, especially if the cloud-based application is feature rich.

[2] Distributed applications can help move the application closer to the user location. When the workforce utilizes same application from across different continents, it is imperative that companies host the application locally. Mirroring the application in through local cloud service providers can help move the application closer to the workforce thereby reducing transmission delays and enables real-time data updates.

[3] Offloading processing capability into the cloud will ensure that, the application works efficiently across devices. Different people use different mobile handsets to access the same application. Based on the processing capacity of the handset, the interaction between the user and the application varies. So, in order to ensure that, all users have uniform experience with the application, it is necessary that required data processing happens in the cloud instead of in the device. Avoiding rich interactions in the handset will save battery life and storing data in the mobile cloud will save the memory available in the handset.

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