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The Ramco Group - Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence


Mr. P R Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha, Chairman of the Ramco group and Ramco Systems shares some words of wisdom about business and the company's road to success, in the weekend issue of The Hindu, Tamil Nadu edition.

Mr. Rajha heads a group that was started by his father Mr. P. A. C. Ramasamy Raja with a share capital of Rs 5 lakh in 1936. It now has 17 spinning units and seven companies. He speaks candidly about the organization’s growth amidst difficulties, with steadfast focus on human relations, ethics and values, to where they stand today.

His father's words, “A contended worker will give to the employer better work and therefore better profits,” always ring in his ears. The group has many welfare schemes for the employees, including educational institutions and hospitals, which has resulted in an overall improvement of quality of life in the region.

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