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Think of New distribution strategies


The challenges for the distribution channel could be easily taken care by a good WMS system in place . Distribution centers now a days are under constant pressure to be faster, more accurate and more efficient, while at the same time accommodating the fickle demands of the end customer. Some macro-level supply chain trends are making a dramatic impact on distribution. In the retail channel, consumers have ratcheted up their expectations around doing business with a brand, expecting a seamless experience across channels, high inventory levels and rapid receipt of goods.

After release of workspaces in Ramco Inventory management ,Ramco Logistics vertical will now look forward how best our clients can utilize this advanced feature. This is getting introduced mainly for both third party warehouse management. Our recent consulting jobs have made us to understand that the major pain point that most of the companies face today is with respect to managing the stock ageing ,stock pilferage, unavailability of proper system defined put-away concepts and stock allocation methods ,barcode integration etc .Gone are those days where in the ageing of inventory was identified with the count of dust accumulated in packages(a fun talk) ,a simple and a cost effective system would be highly advantageous for any companies who need to manage their inventory .

Ramco’s 3rd party logistics application for warehouse management is a well-structured simple solution to give the facility for third party logistics players like ,engaging into contract with their customers ,billing the customers referring the contract and the storage period etc ..Ramco has identified this segment to be highly price sensitive and considering this,the development team has put a solution that has got good intelligence to address the issues in managing the inventory in a simpler manner ,which means by not complicating with zigzag screen navigation and process inbuilt etc. . Any third party logistics providers who run their warehouses as a profit making Centre can very well come forward and knock the door of Ramco systems . Making profit out of selling space is the basic concept of any 3PL- WMS and living with the expectation of customers .Along with WMS Ramco as got the standard solution on transport management ,freight forwarding ,NVOCC and inland container depot management under logistics solution which adds additional benefit for the companies who are into logistics trade and adds up for delivering an integrated solution on 3PL package with finance .A business application solution should be able to meet the expectation of top level ,middle level and lower management in a firm and that’s when we can call a system intelligent .

Defining the storage hierarchy ,faster processing time for orders ,daily stock analysis ,planning the expected stock report, inventory analysis and planning the shipping process could be achieved by the WMS and its the time companies could just focus on business scale up with respect to handling the volume .Fundamentals of product distribution haven’t changed much during the last 20 years, the number of consumer sales channels and potential partnerships have pushed firms to rethink the way they get items from point A to point B and that’s when a better WMS support the firms for new distribution strategies .

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