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Towards More Productive Onboarding


With competition increasing in the business domain and customer experience becoming more and more crucial, the need of the hour is to inculcate a successful onboarding process. The aim is twofold: get in the right talent that will flourish in accordance with its strengths, and that recruiting and re-skilling costs can be minimized. With these aims in mind, here are a few tips to ensure more effective onboarding in your organization:

  • Focus on values: Of course you should look for the best resume, but even more important is a compatible value system. Unless the talent coming in has the same set of value that you do, “synergy” will remain just a catchphrase in books. Make sure your hiring process gives as much attention to what a person fundamentally believes and wants.
  • Sell yourself: Yes, sounds counter-intuitive, but in order to acquire the right talent, at times you also need to give up the beaten path and be prepared to sell yourself. Why is your organization such a great place to work at? Can you point out specific examples of people that might inspire potential talent? In fact, you must have a branding strategy in place, which focuses on developing the overall image of the organization.
  • Be flexible: Equally important is that you need to be flexible to the needs of new employees. Not everyone is the same, and processes should not be given blanket authority over people. Things like occasional remote working, paid holidays, assisting with training resources, etc., go a long way in establishing trust and ownership.

Many believe that onboarding is where the die is cast when it comes to employee satisfaction. Give it your best shot.

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